Munich Jewish: München City Guide, Bayern, Oktoberfest, Schloss Neuschwanstein, Dachau

  • Palace Tours in Munich

    Until the End of World War I, the Wittelsbach aristocratic family had ruled Bavaria from 1180 onwards. Their heritage comprises art collections, fortresses, castles, parks and palaces. All these had once been in use for representation and family festivals, for sojourn in the summer or during hunting season. Nowadays they are open to the general public as splendid museums.
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  • Residence Museum

    Many generations of the Wittelsbach Family had their City-Palace embellished and enlarged from the 15th into the 20th century. The chapels in this huge residence, the sumptuous state apartments and festival halls demonstrate the way of life of the aristocracy.

    Palace Nymphenburg

    On a visit to the enchanting “Palace of the Nymphs” you will feel transported into courtly luxury. In 1662 the Italian Princess Adelaide had given birth to Prince Max Emanuel. In gratitude for the heir of the throne a summer palace was built in an extensive park. A small hunting lodge in the park, Amalienburg, presents rococo architecture and interior decoration at its peak.

    Going further north you reach the town of Oberschleissheim and its majestic 18th century Schleissheim Palace. In the park the small Lustheim Palace displaying the world-famous collection of Dr. E. Schreiber is the attraction for connoisseurs and fanciers of antique Meissen porcelain.